Finding nearby caterers in your area is something that should be done at least three months before the party. Many of you might be asking why. The simple reason is that by the last few weeks, caterers already have their schedules full. Doing things ahead of time will give you the ability to choose any caterer you want instead of being limited by a few. You should pick a caterer who is very close to you. This way if anything happens, you can pick up the food early or go to meet them in case they have any questions.

Here are some tips on how you can find nearby caterers in your area:

What you want to do is go online to find a catering service. Many of the caterers can be found by doing a simple search. All of you have seen Google businesses and this is where they will be listed. Otherwise, you can give Yelp a try. Sifting through reviews will make you feel more confident in the catering service you want to hire.

The trick is to use the zip code or city search in Yelp. Results are easily filtered by doing this so if you live in Los Angeles, you will only find caterers within your city. Of course, I have found that a few stray cities came up but this seldom happens.

Once you find a few caterers, make sure you look at their website and see what they have to offer. Check if they have a page on their services. If they don’t, you could always call them up to ask in case you have anything specific in mind. Record the details of each catering company including the number, address and name of the owner. You want to be prepared for when you call them.

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