Preparing yourself just before the caterers come in might seem like a huge task to you, but once you get down the basics of catering, you’ll understand what needs to be done. Actually, there are a few things you need to understand in the world of catering. A caterer’s job is to get as much detail as possible regarding the party or event that you will be hosting. The more detail you give them, the better off they will be. Letting them know things like what type of event it is, what you plan to achieve, and what food should be served will give them an insight into what you want.

A caterer has many different tools and organizers that they use in order to write down the details of your party. They actually rely on organizers in order to remember everything. Try to go slowly when going over the details of your party so this way they can write everything down. You want to let them know how many people are coming and also the theme of the party. Letting them know these things is very important.

So, how do caterers plan everything out? First they will double check their grocery list and purchase all of the food for the party. They may already have food in their fridge but you want them to use food that is fresh, usually one to two days old. Serving food that is too old is generally bad business practice for a caterer and you never want your guests to become sick. Take a look at the kitchen in their catering place to get an idea of their food status.

Once they have the food ready, they will beginning preparing it the night before. The cake is the last thing that needs to be prepared because since cakes are so delicate, they can easily melt. The caterer will most likely store it in their fridge or take it to your house.

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